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The Full Story


AG Custom was born in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, Canada as a project for owner Darin Roche to start producing and printing his own clothing for his brand Authentic Ginger Clothing Co. Darin quickly saw an opportunity to expand his business to incorporate a model that would allow him to print for other businesses in the area as well. 

Our Process

Bring your concept to the conversation with Darin and his team, from there they will create quality mockups for you to review and approve. Once approved the print process begins!

We use high quality, cost effective screen print transfers as our preferred method of the decorating process. What is a screen print transfer? Screen print transfers otherwise known as plastisol heat transfers are screen printed images that are printed in reverse on transfer paper, placed face down against a shirt, heated with our heat press, and peeled off to show a beautiful print.


We are committed to bring your vision to reality by offering top-notch customer service and quality with a smile on time.



We are creating products for our customers who bring a vision to the table, and execute on that vision. Choosing the best formulas for every project is our commitment to the process of heat transfer print pressing.

"Helping business make an impact"

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